New York Takes Drunk Driving Seriously

Get serious representation from a DWI attorney in Carmel Hamlet, Putnam County, NY

Drunk driving comes with steep penalties, but a DWI attorney in Carmel Hamlet, Putnam County, NY can help you get your sentence reduced or charges dropped. The Law Office of Joseph J. Fonseca will build your DWI defense by determining if the traffic stop was valid and the sobriety test was conducted properly.

The charges you're facing depend on factors like your blood alcohol concentration (BAC), your age, any prior convictions and the circumstances of your arrest. New York typically charges drunk drivers with...

A DWAI/Alcohol infraction for a BAC up to 0.08%
A misdemeanor DWI for a BAC between 0.08% and 0.18%
A DWI for a BAC above 0.18% or driving with a child in the car

Contact our DWI attorney today to get a better understanding of your charges.

We can help you avoid prison

Convicted drunk drivers typically lose their driving privileges, face steep fines and extended probation or are ordered to participate in a victim impact panel. We'll do our best to minimize the consequences.

If we can't help you avoid conviction, we can help you get a conditional driver's license after you complete the Impaired Driver Program. Contact our DWI defense firm in Carmel Hamlet, Putnam County, NY today to learn more.